Our Birds

Our Precious Birds

Aviary Bred Birds

We offer a wide selection of aviary bred birds including a variety of Finches, Canaries, Budgies, Parrots, Lorikeets, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Lovebirds, Mandarin Ducks, Doves and Plovers. We prefer to buy locally bred stock from aviculturists known to us to ensure quality.









Mandarin Ducks

Hand Reared Birds

Our experience in hand-rearing birds spans over thirty years. Hand-rearing birds is our specialty. We hand-rear virtually every variety of Australian and exotic species of parrot/cockatoo. The range includes:

 Red Tail Black Cockatoos (incl. Naso)
 Indian Ringnecks                                  Macaws
 Twenty Eights                                        Sun Conures
 Love Birds                                    Jandeya Conures
 Corellas (Short Bill/ Western Long Bill)
 Cockatiels  Pink & Grey Galahs
 Princess Parrots                                   Galah x Corella
 WA Smokers  Kakarikis
 Eastern King Parrots                                         Neophemas
 Superb Parrots
 Plum Heads
 Lorikeets  Mustache Parrots
 Eclectus Parrots  Major Mitchell Cockatoos
 White Tail Black Cockatoos                  Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
As demand for these birds are high, you are advised to place orders for these well in advance to secure your bird when available. All hand reared birds are spoon fed, consequently are tame on acquisition.



Princess Parrots

Superb Parrots

White Tail Black Cockatoos

Sun Conures

Pink & Grey Galahs


Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Indian Ringnecks


WA Smokers


Red Tail Black Cockatoos

Jandeya Conures

Galah x Corella

Plum Heads

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

Twenty Eights


Eastern King Parrots

Eclectus Parrots




Mustache Parrots

Pet or Companion Birds

What to Consider

Birds have been kept as pets for time immemorial. Their magnificent plumage and for the most part a good ability to mimic sounds have made them increasingly popular as pets. It doesn’t make a great deal of difference whether they be large or small, native or exotic or whether they are seed eaters or nectar consumers, all are individuals and need to be accepted as such.

We at Birds ‘n’ All pride ourselves in either breeding and hand-rearing birds ourselves or acquiring birds from breeders who are endorsed by us. We would also be the first to agree that there can be a distinct difference between a ‘hand tame’ and ‘hand-reared’ bird. The former is a reflection of the time and effort spent with a young bird whilst it is being hand-reared whereas the latter doesn’t necessarily mean the bird welcomes human interaction.

Whilst we fully agree that a young bird that is spoon fed, or syringe-fed will generally respond to a human companion, a crop-fed bird can also do so if the owner/hand rearer spends sufficient time interacting with the young bird after feeding it and certainly has a high potential to become a good pet or companion bird when weaned.

It is critically important to consider before purchasing a bird; your own time commitment, the environment your pet bird will be placed in, your neighbour’s attitude to a possible noise issue, the size of the bird and level of care, potential allergic reactions to other members of the household and remember some species can live up to 100 years. Your new acquisition will regard you as its life partner and establish a stronger bond with you than any human could!

These birds will love you unconditionally and completely rely on you to care for and provide the best for their physical and emotional wellbeing. We also highly recommend that a bird is well socialised from an early age as should you be absent for a period of time the bird does not suffer what is regarded as ‘separation anxiety’ which can lead to psychological problems.

When a hand-reared tame bird is sold by us we ensure the new owner is provided with all the relevant details in regard to dietary requirements, general care and management, books to assist in caring for your new pet and details of who we consider as preferred avian vets.

In short, when thinking of purchasing a pet or companion bird please do consider the needs of the bird above your own and be prepared to make a long-term commitment rather than act on a whim. REMEMBER your new pet will rely on you to care for it in the best possible way and it will return your love tenfold!

Hand Raising Birds

Fig Parrots


Red Tail Black Cockatoos

Hand Blended Mixes & Muffins

Jandeya Conures

Baby Blue & Gold Macaws