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Bird Management 

Bird Management

Birds ‘n’ All specialise in every aspect of bird management including advice on care, breeding and husbandry of all types of birds, quality products that are durable, bird friendly and appropriate for a large variety of birds including specialised seed and pelleted diets, cages, accessories, books, medications, nest boxes, nesting materials and hand rearing formulas.

Bird Care & Advice

As dedicated aviculturalists with over 35 years experience in the care management and breeding of birds from Finches to Macaws, we are confident in providing advice based on personal experience and advice from reputable avian vets.

Avian Diets


Most commercially seed diets are usually mixed to minimal nutritional requirements based on price. Our seed is blended to our own specifications to ensure your birds are provided with an optimal nutritional diet and reduced wastage. Seed can be purchased by the kilogram or in bulk at competitive prices. Our extensive range of specialised seed mixes are as follows:

  • Premium Finch Mix (contains 8 different seeds)
  • Premium Small Parrot Mix (for all birds from Nerphemas to Eastern King sized birds)
  • Premium Budgie Mix (a premium blend without hulled oats)
  • Premium Canary Mix (without hulled oats)
  • Premium Cockatoo Mix (with blanched peanuts and without Kalo & Feed Oats)
  • Premium Pigeon Mix (our own blend based upon advice from pigeon fanciers)
  • Premium Duck Food (for all types of water foul, including Mandarin Ducks)
  • Premium Aniseed Tonic (for finches)
  • Premium Aniseed Tonic (for Canaries)

We also offer a complete range of individual seeds including grey striped sunflower, black sunflower, plain canary, red and & yellow pannicum, hulled oats, french millet, rape and mung beans. In addition we stock millet sprays and seed blocks.

Specialised Pellets

We stock a good range of quality pelletised food for a variety of birds including Pretty Bird, Passwells, Vetafarm and Tropican & Tropimix by Hagen. We also carry fruit & nut bars which the birds find a delight.


Birds ‘n’ All Parrot Medley


A selected combination of various avian pellets, crumbles and seed to give your birds the best quality balanced diet with nothing to add.

All our hand raised birds are weaned on this product to ensure a balanced diet with variety and interest. This product is exclusive to Birds ‘n’ All – you and your birds will not be disappointed.

Hand Rearing Formulas

Our experience in hand-rearing birds has shown that some formulas are superior in obtaining our desired results. We, apart from mixing our own recommend and use Passwells and Hagens Tropican as preferred products.

Nest Boxes & Nesting Material

All of our nest boxes have been designed by us and range from those used by Budgies to Eastern Kings and Eclectus Parrots. These products are designed with both quality and function in mind. All parrot nesting boxes are made from 12ml ply with natural hollow spout entrances. We also carry finch and canary nests.

Our nesting materials are also mixed by us and are suitable for all types of birds including finches, canaries & parrots.

PVC Nest Boxes

These nest boxes are great for a variety of parrots from Love Birds to Macaws. We are the sole WA Distributor and have proven to be highly successful in minimising rodent interference during breeding, easy to clean, light weight and minimising the risk of infection – a definite must for any serious breeder. We received photos below from a very happy customer when his 2 macaws found the nest box to their liking.


We supply most good quality medications, sprays and wormers to produce a happy, healthy bird.

Books & Accessories

A huge variety of accessories including bird rings, toys, perches, happy huts, feeding bowls/cups & dishes, flowmatic & revolving door feeders, bird posters plus much much more. We carry a wide selection of avicultural books and magazines including the complete ‘Australian Birdkeeper Guide To’ series.

Aviaries, Cages & Wire

Birds ‘n’ All have a large range of aviaries, cages and wire to suit most varieties of birds, from small birds such as finches, budgies, love birds etc to patio cages and aviaries for larger birds such as Macaws or bird groups.

Come in and see the range and know that any queries you may have regarding the best housing for your birds will be answered and you will walk away completely satisfied with your purchase.