What They Say

Dear Geoff,

I have had my little turquoise parrot you hand-raised for about 6 weeks now! I could not be more in love with her. We are the best of friends and so well suited. She is hilarious, affectionate, inquisitive, very clever and just too cute for words!!!!! I was prepared that she might not want to sit with me or be a bird that wanted my companionship but it seems its quite the opposite. I have come home and she actually runs up to me (my partner was home and he let her out), and when I open her cage in the morning she even flew onto the kitchen bench yesterday and ate her seeds while I ate my cereal. I was laughing so hard as she ran over to my partner when he started eating a pear and he insisted that she was eyeing it off.

I didnt believe him but he cut her a piece and put it beside him where he was sitting and she stopped peeping at him and started nibbling it. She is adorable.

Anyway, she is seriously the best little friend I could ever wish for and I hope she is happy with me too. I will send you some photos. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have her in my life. Everything is more fun with her and she really makes me happy, which is amazing for such a tiny creature to give me SO much joy. 

Warm regards, Chelsea (April 2019)

Picked up our B&G macaw from Geoff a week ago and totally in love with her. The advice and help Geoff and the team at Birds N All have given us has been very helpful and knowledgeable. Need to also thank Ray and Brooke for their help as well ?
Can’t wait to bring Skye back for a visit once she is harness trained.
Thanks again Birds N All for bringing this wonderful bird into our life’s.
Bruce and Lyn, Perth WA (April 2019)

Hi Geoff 

A big thank you for our Blue and Gold Macaw.  We have named him Escobar. Because of your much needed assistance in helping us on how to raise him Escobar has become a quick learner. He is now harness trained which he took to without stress. He loves to go outside bushwalking and loves rides in the car.

He is very affectionate and loves to lie down on the lounge with us and preen and snuggle.  He has taken a fancy to our cat Cassee with nose to beak greetings, but most of all he loves to bathe in the rain when he wags his tail feathers and squawks loudly (which we love). He then comes inside and dries off in front of the heater.

So thanks again Geoff for answering all my many questions. We could not have done this without your help. 

Nicole and Vic (August 2018)

Dear Geoff
Thank you so much for my wonderful lovely Macaw girl. Of course I was worried at the start as I was unsure how a purchase over Gumtree will go and as I am located in Cairns no chance to come and pick and collect my bird from you. Therefore I was relying only on your word and honesty. So grateful for all your patience with me and my emails. Blueberry / that is how we named her / is AMAZING . She loves cuddles and attention . She is very healthy and her colors are breath taking. Everyone who recently visited my place complimented on her look and cuteness and I proudly recommended you to all my friends and I will continue to do so. On top of all that she also talks .She can clearly says hello already in your voice. Thank you for everything I am so glad that you was the chosen one from whom I purchased my baby macaw.  
Andrea (June 2018)

Hi Geoff and Ray,

Just want to thank you and Ray for my purchase of MAX, I have owned birds for a number of years now and also bought a red tail from you back in 2009. I have always wanted a Blue & Gold Macaw and this year is my 50th birthday so my wife bought me one, MAX is a fantastic bird and he transitioned very well from your home to ours up in the Perth hills.

MAX is now 8 months old and as you can see is a part of the family, he has managed to speak about 5 words now, and when the vacuum comes out, he competes with it to see who can make the most noise. I just want to thank you and all the staff at Birds n All for your fantastic support in owning one of these magnificent animals.

Kind Regards, Steve. (June 2017)

Hi Geoff,
I hope you are keeping well. Indie has no doubt been the best thing I have ever bought I love her so much and she has brought so much joy and happiness to this house. She has learnt to say “hello” , “I love you”, “What you doing” which she learnt from my lorikeet lol.. She is just adorable and likes to be with me where ever she can, she helps me to feed the roos by sitting on my arm whilst I am giving them the bottles. Thank you once again for letting me buy her she is my baby and she knows it.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Mandy and Indie (November 2017)

We have had Rastas, our blue and gold Macaw, for just over a year now and can’t imagine family life without him. As first time bird owners we relied on Geoff and Ray for their advice and support. Nothing was too much trouble in handing him over and they were available for questions and suggestions after we had him home.

Rastas is a beautiful boy, full of character and with a growing vocabulary!

We cannot recommend Geoff, Ray and the team highly enough.

Stephen & Katharine Adams (May 2017)

I recently bought my Blue and Gold Macaw “Indie” from Birds n All. I have never experienced such an easy and experienced sale of any animal in all my life. I run Kangaroo Haven in Kununurra and have bought many birds before but this has been the best buy yet. I usually take in orphaned and injured wildlife but have always wanted a Macaw. I did my research and found Birds n All. I spoke to Geoff and he explained to me all about the Macaw. I travelled to Perth In January after paying my deposit for a female Blue and Gold Macaw and Geoff very kindly took the two baby Macaws to the shop in Caversham so I could meet them. I totally fell in love with them especially one and Geoff said I think that is the female and he was right after having her DNA tested. (This bloke has such good experience).

I named her Indie but she was not allowed to fly to me in Kununurra until she was totally weaned as they can stress when flying to new homes and Geoff does not want them to go hungry and lose weight. I got Indie when she was about four months old, she flew 3000 kms to me and as soon as I got her out of the cage she came in she gave me kisses and and has settled in really well.  She ate straight away and was friendly as, with all my family members including my grandchildren. I would advise anyone if they are looking to buy a bird to talk to Geoff as he will give the best advice for you and the bird, not just to make money as this is not what he is about he truly loves all his handraised birds and just wants them to have a good loving family to take good care of them. I totally understand this as I look after tiny joeys and only want what’s best for them. 

Mandy Watson (March 2017)

“Jasper Blue Chicken just after his first birthday, at City Beach right before his performance début in the entertainment industry. Jasper is very confident in himself and his human flock, and did very well meeting a large group of people; even stepping up for some of the punters to pose for photographs!

Can’t thank Geoff and Ray enough for the support and encouragement throughout the learning process of becoming macaw parents, and knowing that expertise is only a phone call away is supremely reassuring. Thinking of welcoming a bird into the family? Think only of Birds ‘n’ All!!”

Laura & Cameron (December 2016)

Hi, I recently purchased the hand reared galah that was in the shop for a little bit, she (just a guess) is so special! She has settled in so well already and loves exploring her cage and my caravan that I stay in.

Thank you to everyone that helped and gave me great advice, I’m more than happy with her!!  I was wondering if you knew when or when about her birthday would be? just to make sure we can celebrate?

Thank you again so much for all the help and my amazing new bird/ best friend!!   

Mackenzie (October 2016)

Dear All At Birds “N” All, 

Thank you so much for our beautiful grand Eclectus named Chunk. 

We appreciate your time effort & expert knowledge as we now have an awesome hand raised ecky which is all thanks to Geoff & Ray. 

Sam Moncrieff (September 2016) 

Thanks Geoff and Ray for selling us Archebald “Archie” the blue and gold macaw. He has settled in well to our home and has become good friends with Charlie our 60kg newfoundland, as well as all the neighbour’s kids!
Peta and I can’t praise the team at Birds n All enough for putting up with all our questions prior to purchasing Archie. Thanks again!
James (July 2016)